Samsung showcases their CHG90 49-inch 3840×1080 display at Gamescom

Samsung reveals their first HDR-ready FreeSync 2 monitors

Samsung showcases their CHG90 49-inch 3840×1080 display at Gamescom

Samsung is attending Gamescom 2017 in style, showcasing their latest display technology which comes in new form factors, with QLED technology and high refresh rates. 
The most interesting display that Samsung is showing off at Gamescom is their previously announced CHG90 QLED (Quantum Dot) display, which offers a super wide aspect ratio of 32:9, a resolution of 3840×1080 and a refresh rate of 144Hz. Combine this with the fact that this display has previously been advertised with support for FreeSync 2 and we have a huge win for the gaming market. 
Amongst other places, Samsung will be showing off this display at the EA Games booth providing attendees of Gamescom the chance to see what an Ultra-wide aspect ratio can do for games/gamers. 

Samsung showcases their CHG90 49-inch 3840x1080 display at Gamescom


The Samsung C49HG90, which comes with a staggering 49-inch display and a unique 32:9 aspect ratio and a display resolution of 3840×1080. Like all of Samsung’s other FreeSync 2 displays, this display will come with a 1800R curvature, support for 125% sRGB colour space and support for 95% of the DCI-PE colour space.   

Sadly Samsung has not revealed the peak luminance of these displays, though AMD’s FreeSync 2 technology will ensure that these displays offer minimal latency, as AMD’s FreeSync 2 technology offloads colour mapping loads to their GPUs for decreased latency. 

When compared to sRGB FreeSync 2 displays will offer at least two times the colour space and offer a brightness of at least 400 nits, which while lower than some HDR standards is a huge increase over traditional display technology. 

Remember that these are lower limits for FreeSync 2 displays, so display makers can easily push things further if they wish. As we have said earlier, every FreeSync 2 display will automatically communicate with your PC to share colour space info, brightness ranges and not just variable refresh rate information, allowing your PC to provide your display with an ideal signal to make the most out of its specifications. 

Samsung’s CHG90 display is now available for Pre-order on Ebuyer for £1346.98, with an expected shipping date of September 21st. 


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