Starfield Fixed – Intel launches their first Starfield Optimised ARC GPU driver

Starfield Fixed - Intel launches their first Starfield Optimised ARC GPU driver

Intel ARC GPU users can now enjoy Starfield on PC

When Starfield premium edition launched in early access, users of Intel’s ARC graphics cards quickly uncovered that the game did not run well on their systems. Players suffered from long loading times, game boot failures, and frequent crashes, but thanks to the efforts of Intel’s GPU driver team, a new driver is available that addressed these stability issues.

Later this week, Intel plans to launch another Starfield focused GPU driver that will further enhance the game’s performance and stability on ARC graphics cards, but for now, ARC users can now enjoy Starfield’s PC version without any major issues. These updates will ensure that ARC GPU users enjoy a great gameplay experience in Starfield when the game officially launches on September 5th. 

Intel’s new Starfield optimised ARC GPU driver is available to download here.

While it was disappointing to see that Intel were not ready for Starfield’s early access launch, it is encouraging to see that the company were able to quickly work to address to release optimised Starfield drivers after the game’s early access release. Intel GPU users can expect to see further improvements to Starfield’s performance and stability with the release of new ARC drivers.

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