Total War: WARHAMMER – Empire Campaign Walkthrough

Total War: WARHAMMER - Empire Campaign Walkthrough

Total War: WARHAMMER – Empire Campaign Walkthrough


Total War Warhammer will be a total war experience like no other, not only bringing a new setting to the franchise, but bringing with it the variety and complexity that only a fantasy world can provide. In traditional Total War games armies can only vary so much, it is human vs human combat in the similar technological after all.

In Total War Warhammer you play as humans, Greenskins, Dwarves, Chaos and even as the powerful Vampire Lords, offering an unparalleled amount of campaign variety, especially when the map itself if affected by those who control it.  

In this campaign gameplay walkthrough we see some gameplay from the Empire campaign, showing many of the unique features of the Empire and revealing the size of the campaign map in the base game, which will become larger as two expansion packs become available at a later date. 


This footage is taken from Alpha gameplay and is a work in progress.
Al Bickham talks us through a snapshot of the Empire Grand Campaign at around 70 turns in. You’ll see some of the key gameplay mechanics such as character skill trees, The Empire ‘Offices’ panel, building & technology trees, character customisation and a look at the forested hills of Reikland.


Total War: WARHAMMER - Greenskins Campaign Walkthrough

(Click the image to see the Full Map in fullscreen)


As we can see from the video above the factions and their abilities on the campaign map are very different, for each faction, differing not only in the units and heroes they can muster but in the form of some very unique abilities and quirks,  such as the Greenskin’s Fightiness rating, and the ability for Goblins and Dwarfs to more easily travel through mountainous terrain through hidden tunnels and passages. 

Right now the Empire campaign looks like the most traditional gameplay wise, playing in a very similar way to previous Total War titles. Magic and campaign questing have been added to Total War: Warhammer, so even with their traditional playstyle the Empire will still offer a very different Total War campaign experience.  

Right now Total War Warhammer is a very interesting title indeed, and is currently set to release on April 28th 2016. 


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