Watch Nvidia’s CES 2017 Press Event here

Watch Nvidia's CES 2017 Press Event here

Watch Nvidia’s CES 2017 Press Event here


Did you not get the opportunity to attend Nvidia’s CES 2017 press event? Well, thankfully you can view it here through the power of live streaming, allowing you to see Nvidia’s latest hardware announcements as they happen over in Las Vegas at CES 2017. 

Below is an embed of Nvidia’s Twitch account, where Nvidia will be going live at 2.30am GMT (6.30 PM PST) to announce their latest hardware innovations, which will extend far beyond the PC gaming industry to self-driving cars and machine learning. 

Once the livestream is over, we will be embedding a VOD of the full event once it becomes available and we will be writing a detailed article on how each announcement affects PC gamers over the next few hours. Will Nvidia announce the GTX 1080Ti?   


You can join the discussion on Nvidia’s CES 2017 livestream on the OC3D Forums and find the latest news and CES coverage on the OC3D Homepage.