You can watch Nvidia’s GTC keynote here

You can watch Nvidia's GTC keynote here

You can watch Nvidia’s GTC keynote here

Nvidia’s GTC 2017 keynote will start today at 9 am PT (5 PM BST), with CEO Jensen Huang leading the show to discuss Nvidia’s future in the fields of VR, artificial intelligence and deep learning. 
At this event last year, Nvidia announced their Pascal-based Tesla P100, the first Nvidia GPU to use HBM2 and the first GPU in the companies Pascal deep-learning lineup. At this time it is unknown if Nvidia plans to announce any new products at this event, though Volta is not expected to make an appearance at this event, at least in a consumer oriented product. 
Nvidia typically does not gaming products at this data-centric event, with the highlights of this event likely coming in the form of self-driving car technology and in-depth data analytics and deep learning applications for GPU power.   


GTC is the largest and most important event of the year for GPU developers.

GTC and the global GTC event series offer valuable training and a showcase of the most vital work in the computing industry today – including artificial intelligence and deep learning, healthcare, virtual reality, accelerated analytics, and self-driving cars.

When Nvidia’s livestream starts it will be available to view below, though we do plan to replace the livestream with a video archive of the event as soon as it is available. 

Nvidia’s GTC keynote will last around 2 hours. Do you think Jensen be wearing one of his trademark leather jackets? 


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