Microsoft’s Elite controller now has a release date

Microsoft's new Xbox Elite wireless controller with swappable parts

Microsoft’s Elite controller will release on October 27th


Microsoft’s Elite wireless controller now has a release date, long after it became available to Pre-order for a Earth-shattering price of £119.99, which equated to 3 regular Xbox One gamepads. 

This controller will be released on October 27th and will be the first official Xbox One controller to have user replaceable parts. 

Those who wonder what the justifies the price of this controller, the answer is simple, customization. This Gamepad can have everything from it’s trigger sensitivity all the way to it’s analogue sticks sensitivity customized in order to suit your specific gaming needs. All major parts of this controller will be hot-swappable, allowing it’s users to replace it’s D-pad, analogue sticks and more in order to give you the gamer the best possible experience. 


 In close collaboration with professional gamers, Microsoft created the Xbox Elite Controller — a pro controller designed to take gaming to the next level.

Players can customize everything from trigger sensitivity to button mapping to game-specific setups, and use it with their Xbox One and Windows 10 devices with a custom app that offers gamers the opportunity to further modify the controller for any gaming scenario.

The controller features a premium design that guarantees long-lasting quality with stainless steel features that are built to withstand hours of intense gameplay.


Microsoft's new Xbox Elite wireless controller with swappable parts  Microsoft's new Xbox Elite wireless controller with swappable parts  


At a price which is over 3x that of a regular Xbox one controller, this product will be very hit and miss. Most users will simply go for the cheaper option, but the hardcore gaming audience will no doubt embrace this controller and all of the options it provides with open arms. 

This controller will release on October 27th for the price of £119.99 and is available for Pre-order from several gaming retailers. 


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