Patriot showcases ultra-fast memory and a MUST HAVE phone accessory at Computex

Patriot impresses with their ultra-fast DDR5 speeds at Computex 2024

We visited the Patriot booth at Computex 2024 and we were impressed with what we found there. As usual, Patriot’s legendary Shannon Robb was there to greet us, and he was eager to show us everything the company has been working on.

Starting off with memory, we have a demo of some of Patriot’s Xtreme 5 DDR5 memory running at 10,001 MT/s. Shannon has stressed to us that their extra 1 MT/s is very significant. Jokes aside, that’s a crazy high memory speed to be benchmarking consistently on show floor conditions with air cooling.

By default their new Viper Xtreme 5 DDR5 memory modules can achieve speeds of 8,200 MT/s using XMP profiles. Beyond that, Patriot have managed to push these modules all the way to 11,500 MT/s through overclocking. Once again, Patriot’s pushing to be at the top of the memory market, and their energy is infectious.

Next up we have storage. At Computex, Patriot has expanded their PCIe 5.0 SSD lineup with a new Viper PD573 model. This model uses a new DRAMless controller from Maxiotek, which boasts capacities of up to 8TB and sequential read/write speeds of 14,000 MB/s and 12,000 MB/s respectively. Crazier still is that this SSD didn’t have a heatsink on it. Are PCIe 5.0 SSDs getting cooler? It looks like it!

Easy phone backups with the Patriot iLuxe Cube

Now we have one of the most interesting products on Patriot’s booth, the iLuxe Cube. This block can attach to your phone charger and act as a backup device. It is available with USB Type-A and USB Type-C ends and can be used to back up your phone overnight using Patriot’s app.

Depending on your use case, you can use this device to back up one phone or multiple phones. You can also choose how often you want your backups updated. If you lose or destroy your phone, this device will ensure that your important data remains available. All your family photos and videos will be stored on the iLuxe Cube.

The beauty of this device is its simplicity. Once you set up the Patriot app on your devices it will just work away in the background. Users can choose how their data is protected, be it behind a passcode, or another protection mechanism.

Overall, we had a great time at the Patiot booth, and we look forward to seeing what the company has coming next. How fast will their storage and memory be next time we see them?

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