Patriot’s Vipers Carry a Sting

Patriot’s Vipers Carry a Sting
The low latency Viper II DDR3 kits are designed for extreme performancesPatriot Memory showed off its new Viper II DDR3 kits aimed at both Intel and AMD systems at Computex yesterday. The memory manufacturer claims the DDR3 kits bring extreme performance to Intel Core i7 platforms.
All five kits feature an all new Viper II aluminium heatsink, which the company first showcased at CeBIT earlier this year. The low latencies on the new 6GB and 4GB kits give them some high-level performance abilities, ideal for gaming enthusiasts.
With 8-8-8-24 latencies at 1.65V and a core frequency of 2000MHz, the 6GB PV236G2000LLK kit is the top performer of the Core i7 lot. Joining it in the Intel compatible kits band are the 6GB PC3-15000 and PC3-14400 kits, which come with 7-8-8-24 and 8-8-8-24 latencies respectively. While the PC3-15000 comes with a clock speed of 1866MHz, the PC3-14400 has its core clocked at 1800MHz.
Among the 4GB kits are the PC3-14400 and the PV234G1600LLK. While the former is similar to the 6GB kit Core i7 kit with its 1800MHz frequency and 8-8-8-24 latency, the latter is clocked at 1600MHz with a lower latency of 7-7-7-20. Both these kits work at 1.9V and are designed for AMD fans.
Talking about the new low latency DDR3 kits, Patriot’s Director of Engineering Les Henry said, “The next-generation Viper II technology is designed to work with Patriot’s latest and greatest DDR3 memory, and will provide the most stability to hit maximum performance. Viper II provides all the essentials for gaming enthusiasts.”
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