Qimonda Prepares GDDR5 Memory Chips

News Posted 26/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: VR-Zone

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According to our source, leading global supplier for DRAM memory products – Qimonda intends to skip the GDDR4 graphics memory technology generation in favor of GDDR5. Ultimately, this will see the company targeting the higher end of the graphics card market, and presumably ATI’s R700 and Nvidia’s G90 GPU’s respectively.

With the move, the company seeks to address the high end of the market. While GDDR3 presently holds a share of about 90 percent of the high end PC graphics market, in 2011 the mainstream memory technology in this segment will be GDDR5 – not GDDR4. Most customers will move from GDDR3 directly to GDDR5. For 2011, Mercury research expects GDDR5 to capture 90 percent of the high-end graphics DRAM market, which then will feature a volume of $1.49 billion for PC applications alone. GDDR5 now is intended to offer the missing low-power capability, along with tripling the performance of today’s 800 MHz GDDR3 chips. In addition, it will offer features that enable more robust system designs. Besides being used in desktop and notebook systems, GDDR5 will be suited especially well for game consoles. The company will sample first GDDR5 chips by year-end 2007. Volume production is scheduled for first quarter 2008.

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