Chillblast apologises for Trustpilot review controversy

Chillblast calls “Trust Pilot Review” competition mistake an “error in judgement”

Earlier this week we reported on Chillblast’s “Win a Chillblast Vault PC” giveaway, where the company asked users for Trust Pilot reviews for competition entries. Today, the company has issued a statement to OC3D about their mistake. This statement explains the company’s “error in judgement”, and discusses how they will make things right.

Chillblast has confirmed that the decision to add this controversial entry mechanic was made “in isolation” by a member of their marketing team. This mechanic was quickly removed once senior management was made aware of it. Even so, the mechanic was live for long enough for a large number of new Trustpilot reviews to be generated. We can confirm that Chillblast had removed this entry requirement before the publication of our article about it yesterday.

Below you can read Chillblast’s statement in full. The company has stated that they are currently working with Trustpilot to remove any incorrect or incentivised reviews. Hopefully, these false reviews will disappear soon.

In our recent competition to “Win a Chillblast Vault PC”, an unfortunate error in judgement was made by a member of our marketing team that resulted in a “Trust Pilot Review” entry mechanic being added to the competition. This was quickly removed once noticed by senior management before this article was published.

Our customers have had to wait slightly longer than they would usually due to our restructure and new ownership, which has led to some customers leaving negative reviews. Our colleague in marketing made a decision, in isolation, to try and reverse this trend by adding this entry mechanic to the competition. We completely acknowledge that this was not the right decision. We have built our reputation on trust and brilliant products over the last 23 years and to make any knowing attempt to falsify reviews goes against the core values of our business.

We are currently in consultation with Trustpilot and hope to have this cleared up extremely quickly, with any incorrect reviews incentivised by the competition removed.

What happened?

Chillblast, alongside CCL Computers, have recently gone through a company restructure and a change in ownership. Information about this change in ownership is available to here.

These changes have resulted in some customers receiving their orders later than expected. As a result of this, Chillblast has recieved negative Trustpilot reviews from these customers. A lone member of Chillblast’s staff thought that they could “try and reverse this trend” by adding a Trustpilot review mechanic to their latest free PC giveaway. Management rectified the mistake of this staff member as early as they could.

Chillblast is doing the right thing by taking ownership of this situation

Honestly, Chillblast has responded to this controversy in the best way possible. They have taken ownership of the mistake, and they are making efforts to make things right. Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s easy to see how an error like this can be made. This is especially true for cases where employees act without the permission of management.

We respect Chillblast for reacting quickly to this situation, and for being open and honest about this mistake. A lesser company would have stayed quiet and simply wait for everyone to forget about it. It takes guts to react to this situation as they did.

You can join the discussion on Chillblast’s apology for their Trustpilot review mistakes on the OC3D Forums.



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