Intel Actively Seeking A Partnership With Nvidia

Intel logo

According to Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers, Intel may raise its stake in Nvidia so that they can form a strategic partnership to oppose the merger of AMD and ATI.

According to an online source, Intel, which currently holds about 8-10% of Nvidia shares, may seek to form a strategic alliance with Nvidia by raising its stake in the GPU (graphics processing unit) vendor, according to the sources. The partnership would imply that Nvidia decreases product developments for the AMD platform and devotes more efforts to IGP (integrated graphics processor) chipsets for the Intel platform, the sources said.

Last week we brought you news that Nvidia shares climbed last week on speculations that it could be acquired by Intel amid the general disbelief that the chipmaking giant could ever do that.

Nvidia, according to the motherboard manufacturers, is also currently considering the viability of a partnership between itself and Intel.

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