MSI woos content professionals with its Creator and Prestige product lines – CES 2020

MSI Woos content professionals with its Creator and Prestige product line CES

MSI woos content professionals with its Creator and Prestige product lines – CES 2020

There is more to the PC market then gaming, and MSI are very aware of this, bringing to CES a wide range of professional products for home studios and office buildings alike.

The term MSI kept using was “Creator”, a word which describes people who spend their work time, or off-time in the pursuit of creative ventures. Perhaps you are a photoshop guru, a video editor or artist. Regardless of where on this creative spectrum you are, MSI wants your custom, and that’s what their “Creator” and “Prestige” products are all about. 

MSI Creator 17 Laptop     

If you need to replace, or compliment, your studio’s workstation with something a little more portable, MSI believes that its Creator 17 notebook is the laptop for you, offering users a 17-inch 4K screen with the world’s first Mini-LED backlit screen. 

So why is Mini-LED backlighting special? It’s because it allows MSI to deliver DisplayHDR 1000 tier HDR on the go, offering users 240 local-dimming backlight zones, a peak brightness of 1,000 nits, and support for 100% of the DCI-P3 colour space. This is as true-to-life as a consumer-grade screen gets, and for portable workflow, it’s difficult to beat. 

At this time, MSI isn’t willing to divulge too many details on this notebook’s internal hardware, but they did say that it uses the “latest in CPU and GPU processing power”, which likely means that the notebook will offer Intel’s 10th generation Comet Lake CPU options. This laptop will also ship with support for UHS-III SD cards, Thunderbolt 3 and a USB Type-C port that can reportedly support an 8K display. 

This notebook won a CES innovation award for “Digital Imaging or Photography”, which goes to show how good this laptop’s screen is. 

MSI woos content professionals with its Creator and Prestige product lines - CES 2020

Creator PS321QR/PS321UR

When considering professional workloads, it is clear that gamers and creatives are two entirely different consumer bases. Yes, while both can appreciate the qualities of a well-calibrated display, only one requires such high levels of accuracy. 

MSI’s Creator PS321 series of displays come in two flavours, both of which ship with 32-inch IPS display panels with support for 100% of the sRGB colour space, 99% coverage of the Adobe RGB colour standard and 95% coverage of the DCI-P3 colour space. MSI’s PS321UR offers users 4K support at 60FPS while the PS321QR offers users a resolution of 1440p at up to 165Hz. 

The UR (UHD) model is designed for those who require a larger than average screen with a high pixel count, whereas the QR (QHD) model is designed to suit both high refresh rate gaming and professional workloads. This makes MSI’s PS321QR well suited to game development, especially for VR, where high refresh rates are a must. 

In addition to the high-end specifications of these displays, MSI also offers their specialised “Creator OSD”, a dashboard which is designed to allow professional users to fine-tune the colour profiles of their screen and manage other advanced options. 
MSI Prestige P100

When looking at the Prestige P100, it is clear why MSI’s compact workstation is nestled into CES’s innovation honour category for computer hardware and components. While the P100A model we saw offers component specs up to an Intel i7 and an RTX 2070, MSI’s highest-end models can ship with up to an i9-9900K and an RTX 2080 Ti. Good luck fitting more horsepower into a smaller box. 

What’s interesting about MSI’s Prestige P100 is that it uses a cooling design which grants independent airflow to the P100’s power supply, processor, and graphics card, keeping this compact unit cool under heavy loads. Unfortunately, MSI didn’t give us a peek inside. 


MSI Woos content professionals with its Creator and Prestige product line CES  MSI Woos content professionals with its Creator and Prestige product line CES
MSI CH40 Wireless Headphones

Yes, we all know someone who has lost a set of wireless headphones, but you know what? Who wants to spend their time untangling cords, spending brainpower on preventing cable snags or replacing headphones every time you pull a chord too hard. Wireless headphones are a good idea, and if you want something compact, earbuds are the way to go. 

MSI’s option is betting on high-speed Bluetooth 5.0, promising device pairing within seconds and the ability to connect to devices independently. With each earbud weighing less than five grams, these headphones are unlikely to become uncomfortable during long listening sessions. Furthermore, MSI’s stain repellant coating will help keep your earbuds clean and fresh looking. 

With their CH40 earbuds, MSI wants to make setup as easy as possible, lacking the need for additional pairing devices or overly complex setup processes. 

MSI Woos content professionals with its Creator and Prestige product line CES  

MSI CK40 Keyboard and CM30 Mouse

Next up is MSI’s Creator series is Cx40/30 series of input devices. Staring with the CK40, MSI has opted for a clean, professional appearance with silent scissor switches.   

Office workers will know that chunky mechanical keyboards aren’t suitable for every situation. Sometimes we need something compact and quiet, especially if you a lot of co-workers. MSI’s CK40 is designed with the same anti-staining coating as MSI’s CH40 earbuds, which will keep this keyboard from becoming grimy/stained over time with regular cleaning. Both the CK40 and CM30 support Bluetooth 4.2 and come with a “powerful battery”. Thankfully, the lack of RGB lighting on these creator-focused devices will help ensure that batteries can last a respectable amount of time.  

Both MSI’s CK40 and CM30 support an auto-sleep mode, which will help increase the battery life of these devices. Both of these products support Windows and MacOS. 

MSI woos content professionals with its Creator and Prestige product lines - CES 2020

Optix MAG161

Once you start working with multiple screens, it’s hard to move back from that, and that’s why a portable secondary screen is an excellent addition to any portable workstation. Pack this with your laptop, and you will have your dual-screen setup running in minutes. 

We spoke about this screen in more detail yesterday, but we just had to mention it again when talking about MSI’s creator-focused offerings. You can read more about MSI’s MAG161 series of portable displays here.    

MSI woos content professionals with its Creator and Prestige product lines - CES 2020  
MSI Prestige 14 Laptop (Pink Edition)

MSI’s Prestige series is famous for its pure white or carbon grey designs, but now MSI thinks that rose pink would make a great addition to their Prestige colour options. 

MSI’s Pink Prestige 14 will ship with Intel’s 10-generation Comet Lake-U series processors and an MSI GTX 1650 Max-Q graphics card and a 14-inch 4K display. These specs allow the Prestige 14 to pack a lot of performance into its compact form factor, making it ideal for on-the-road productivity. 

MSI didn’t disclose the exact launch date of its Prestige 14 Rose Pink, though it is expected to release within the coming months. 

MSI woos content professionals with its Creator and Prestige product lines - CES 2020  

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