Red Bull’s second Gaming Sphere has opened in London

The Red Bull Gaming Sphere has opened in London

The Red Bull Gaming Sphere has opened in London

Red Bull wants to be a big part of the UK’s esports scene, creating a new studio called the Red Bull Gaming Sphere to act as the nation’s hub for gaming and esports activity, which will be available for both public events and tournaments. 

This facility is located in Shoreditch, London, an underground gaming studio which is designed with modularity in mind to host a range of events. On Friday nights members of the gaming community will be able to participate in Friday Night Brawl tournaments, with regular workshops where esports stars will share their knowledge with players, while also giving them a chance to challenge these elite gamers head on.

 The Red Bull Gaming Sphere has opened in London

The London Gaming Sphere is Red Bull’s second global gaming location of its kind, with the first being in Tokyo Japan, which opened in February at TGS. The London Gaming Sphere is kitted out with every modern console, including the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, Wii U and a boatload of gaming PCs.

ASUS ROG has kitted out this facility with their gaming hardware, from Gaming monitors to the PCs that power them. Noblechairs has partnered with Red Bull to supply the facility with their branded gaming chairs, offering a high-end comfortable gaming experience to those who make use of the facility. 

    The London Gaming Sphere is the second of two new cutting-edge studios that Red Bull is opening, following the recent launch of the Tokyo Gaming Sphere in Japan in February. The unique venues are set to become the home of gaming and esports within their territories, and the Gaming Spheres represent Red Bull’s continued commitment to growing and supporting the gaming and esports communities.

Red Bull has partnered with some of the most pioneering technology suppliers in the world, such as ASUS Republic of Gamers, offering the most high-spec gaming experience possible. In addition, noblechairs has provided a range of its finest gamer seats, ensuring that guests can play games in comfort and style for optimum performance.

The Red Bull Gaming Sphere has opened in London

(The Facility appears to be using Noblechairs’ Epic Series gaming chair)
Aside from console and PC gaming hardware, VR gaming solutions will also be available at the facility, combined with dedicated simulation hardware to provide an optimal experience in a range of VR titles. A racing sim setup is also possible outside of VR for users who prefer a triple monitor gaming/racing experience. 

Red Bull is already famous in the esports world for events like the Red Bull Kumite tournament, with the brand planning to capitalise further on the growing pr gaming scene in the coming years. 

The Red Bull Gaming Sphere has opened in London  

At the heart of the Red Bull Gaming Sphere is a 6 VS 6 competition space, with a central 190-inch LED screen that allows spectators to view the action, areas that are again powered by ASUS ROG hardware and utilise Noblechairs gaming seating. 

More information about Red Bull’s London Gaming Sphere is available on the Red Bull Gaming Website, with a 360 view of the facility being available to view here.   

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