Sony’s finally launching PlayStation 5 console covers

Sony's finally launching PlayStation 5 console covers

Sony reveals new PS5 colour options with new console covers and controllers

It’s official, Sony has finally revealed colour cover replacements for their PlayStation 5 console, showcasing why the company has aggressively taken down the manufacturers who have been trying to create custom plates for Sony’s latest console. 

In January 2022, Sony will start selling coloured PlayStation 5 covers for $55 in the US, both for the company’s PS5 Disk and PS5 Diskless consoles. In Early 2022, these colour options will be Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple. Yes, soon you will be able to buy a black cover for your PlayStation 5. 

These new colour options will also be available for Sony’s DualSense gamepads, allowing gamers to match their console and their controllers. Note that Sony’s new coloured controllers are new controllers, not gamepad colour upgrade kits. 

Initially, Sony’s coloured console covers will be available in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, and the Philippines. This will start with the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red options in January 2022, with their Nova Pink, Galactic Purple, and Starlight Blue covers arriving sometime during the first half of 2022. These covers will be coming to more territories at a later date. 

Right now, Sony appears to have no plans to launch PlayStation 5 consoles that ship with any of these coloured console covers pre-installed. This means that PS5 owners may not have the option to purchase a Midnight Black PlayStation 5 console anytime soon. Black covers will be a $55 upgrade from Sony. 

In the future, Sony is likely to release more PlayStation 5 console cover options. Specifically, we believe that Sony will eventually release game-themed console covers, allowing PS5 users to dedicate their consoles to their favourite games or franchises. With these covers costing $55 each, Sony has a lot of money making potential here, assuming that they can get PlayStation 5 consoles into the hands of gamers.

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