Xiaomi Teases Double-Folding Smartphone

Xiomi Teases Foldable Smartphone

Xiaomi Teases Foldable Smartphone

Folding smartphones have been talked about for years now, allowing a mobile phone to be converted into a tablet on the fly, offering users a larger screen size for media playback or productivity purposes. 

Lin Bin, a co-founder of Xiaomi, a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer,  has released a teaser on his Weibo profile, revealing that they plan to release the world’s first “double folded” smartphone. 

The main feature of this engineering prototype is that it folds symmetrically, improving the look and feel of the device when compared to single-point folding phones. The video below showcases the phone in action. 

At this time it is unknown when Xiaomi’s folding phone will hit store shelves, though it is likely to be showcased at MWC (Mobile World Congress) when it takes place next month. 

Foldable phones could do away with the need for some users to own both a tablet and a smartphone, allowing users to benefit from a larger screen while maintaining the compact/pocket-sized form factor of a smartphone. 

Both Samsung and Huawei are expected to release foldable smartphones later this year, making 2019 the year that foldable screens will enter the phone market in a big way. Expect to hear a lot more about foldable phones and other devices as the year progresses. 

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