You can watch Sony’s “The Road to PS5” stream here

Watch Sony's

Watch Sony’s “The Road to PS5” stream here

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed the specifications of its Xbox Series X console, and today, Sony plans to showcase its PlayStation 5 console, delivering a “deep dive into PS5’s system architecture”. The next stage of the console wars is about to start. 

By the end of 2020, the 9th generation of consoles will have started, delivering to gamers SSD storage, ray tracing hardware and stronger CPUs and GPUs than ever before. 

At 4 PM GMT (9 AM PT), Sony’s Mark Cerny will provide gamers with everything they need to know about the next generation of PlayStation, hopefully giving gamers a full spec list and a look at the PlayStation 5’s enclosure. 

Developers have already started to talk about Sony’s next-generation console, with Billy Khan, the Lead Engine Programmer at id Software, stating that the console is “awesome”, on Twitter. Sony’s PlayStation 5 will offer a lot more power than today’s PlayStation 4 series consoles, but only time will tell if Sony has what it takes to challenge Microsoft’s Xbox Series X in terms of hardware.

Sony’s “Road to PlayStation 5” stream will be available to view here. Expect the discussion to be dry, as this reveal was originally planned as a GDC showcase.    

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