A Campaign Level Select is coming to Halo Infinite – It’s “Challenging” to Implement

A Campaign Level Select is coming to Halo Infinite - It's

Want to replay Halo Infinite’s best missions? 343 is “working” on it

343 Industries has confirmed that a campaign level select will be coming to Halo Infinite as part of a future game patch, allowing gamers on PC and Xbox to replay their favourite parts of the non-linear shooter.

With Halo Infinite moving the franchise into an open world, it has become challenging for 343 to add many franchise staples to their newest Halo game. Halo Infinite has launched without features like split screen and online co-op, Halo Forge, and other standard Halo features. Replayable missions is just another thing that Infinite lacks at launch, though these features are coming.

Paul Crocker, 343 Industries’ Creative Director, confirmed that “You cannot replay missions in campaign at this point of time,” in an interview with Stevivor. Crocker later blamed the feature’s delay on the non-linear nature of Halo Infinite, a factor that makes a traditional mission select menu impossible. Crocker states that “”It’s part of what is coming later. The main reason is because, being a more open game and a nonlinear game, it becomes incredibly challenging. It’s not that it doesn’t work, it’s just that it’s not finished.”

A Campaign Level Select is coming to Halo Infinite - It's

When developing Halo Infinite, 343 Industries decided to focus on improving the quality of Halo Infinite’s baseline experience before adding new features. While this means that features like co-op, forge, and mission select have been delayed, it has allowed 343 to create a game that is worthy of having these additions added later. 

Sadly, Halo Infinite’s level select doesn’t have a firm release date. This means that gamers may need to wait for a while before they can selectively replay Halo Infinite’s best missions. 

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