Avengers series Intel “KA” processors are in the works

Square Enix reveals Marvel's Avengers

Avengers series Intel “KA” processors are in the works

Last year, Intel confirmed that they were Square Enix’s official PC hardware partner for Marvel’s Avengers, and the company wants to take advantage of that position by releasing limited edition “KA” Avengers series processors. 

According to leaked retail listings from @momomo_us, Intel plans to release at least four “KA” series processors, Avengers class K series CPUs for their i5, i7 and i9 lineups. These processors will be the i5-10600KA, the i7-10700KA, the i9-10850KA and the i9-10900KA. 

These special edition processors should be the same as their normal K-series counterparts, offering users different packaging and little else. These processors may ship with game codes for Marvel’s Avengers, though this has not been confirmed.  

Intel’s KA processors have only appeared on Asian websites so far, but given the global appeal of the Avengers brand, it is likely that Intel’s KA series CPUs will be released worldwide. 

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