Battlefield V’s latest trailer details the game’s “Firestorm” mode, single player and more

Battlefield V's latest trailer details the game's

Battlefield V’s latest trailer details the game’s “Firestorm” mode, single player and more

EA/DICE has released a new trailer for Battlefield V, titled “This is Battlefield V”, detailing many of the gameplay changes that will be included within the game.   

First off, we have the game’s new “Firestrike” mode, which is Battlefield V’s take on the Battle Royale formula, placing sixteen teams of four into Battlefield’s largest map to date, where they will all duke it out until a single squad remains. 

In Battlefield V, players will have increased mobility, allowing players to move backwards while firing, even while on your back, the ability to jump/smash through windows and even the ability to sprint while crouching to move at faster speeds while moving from cover to cover. The game will also feature increased levels of destructibility, allowing buildings to be completely levelled. A new reconstruction ability will allow roadblocks to be placed across the map, structures to be fortified and foxholes to be dug. Construction can only occur in specific locations, but it may allow players to turn the tide of a battle, or open new routes to flank opponents.   

At launch, Battlefield V will have four War Stories, with a fifth, The Last Tiger, releasing as part of a post-launch update. Battlefield V lacks a Premium Pass, making all post-launch content free for all players, making all future map packs available for everyone. 

Battlefield V will release on November 20th on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

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