Become El Presidente with the Humble Tropico bundle

Become El Presidente with the Humble Tropico bundle

Become El Presidente with the Humble Tropico bundle

Humble and Kalypso have teamed up to create the Humble Totally Tropico Bundle, allowing PC gamers to access Tropico 3, 4 and 5 and a lot of each game’s DLC for bargain prices. 

Within Tropico, players must control a remote island nation an overcome the challenges that face players as they work to maintain control of the country while generating riches, and protecting it from external threats. Think of it as a city builder with more political elements, and focuses beyond economic factors. 

For £0.76 in the UK ($1 in the US), PC gamers will gain access to Tropico 3’s Steam Special Edition alongside Tropico Reloaded. As you spend more on the bundle, players will gain access to more Tropico games and access to DLC for each game in the series. 

The highest bundle tier for the Humble Totally Tropico Bundle is £9.13, which will grant PC gamers access to Tropico 5 and five DLC packs for the game. That’s a bargain as Tropico 5 alone costs £16.99 on Steam. 

Below is what’s available within each of the Humble Totally Tropico Bundle’s three tiers.

Pay $1 (£0.76)

– Tropico 3 – Steam Special Edition
– Tropico Reloaded

Pay More than Average (Currently £4.91)

– Tropico 4
– Tropico 4: Propaganda!
– Tropico 4: Voodoo DLC
– Tropico 4: Quick Dry Cement DLC
– Tropico 4: Plantador DLC
– Tropico 3: Absolute Power

Pay £9.13 or more

– Tropico 5
– Tropico 5 – Espionage
– Tropico 5 – Waterborne
– Tropico 5 – Generalissimo
– Tropico 5 – T-Day

– Tropico 5 – The Supercompter
– Tropico 4 – Modern Times
– Tropico 4 – Megalopolis DLC
– Tropico 4 – Pirate Heaven DLC

Become El Presidente with the Humble Tropico bundle 

PC gamers can purchase the HUmble Totally Tropico Bundle here. 

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