Bethesda Releases 9 Minutes of Spectacular RAGE 2 Gameplay

Bethesda Releases 9 Minutes of Spectacular Rage 2 Gameplay

Bethesda Releases 9 Minutes of Spectacular RAGE 2 Gameplay

Bethesda’s RAGE 2 is set to release on May 14th, combining the FPS talents of DOOM creators id Software and the open world gurus of Avalanche Studios to create a successor to 2010’s RAGE. 

Earlier today, Bethesda released 9 minutes of new gameplay footage for the title, showcasing smooth on foot gameplay as well as a variety of in-vehicle sections, showcasing driving within the game as well as some in-game fight over the game’s large and varied landscapes. 

This has given us a proper look at RAGE 2’s visuals, showcasing a lot of noticeable pop-in but nothing in the way of framerate dips. RAGE 2 looks good, and we certainly look forward to seeing how far this game’s visuals can be cranked up on PC. 

RAGE 2 will be built using Avalcance’s APEX engine, the same engine which was used to create Just Cause 4, though the legends over at id Software have been working with Avalanche to make sure that RAGE 2 both looks good and plays well on both PC and console hardware. 

In RAGE 2, players will control Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland, who will fight against several factions and unlock new Nanotrite abilities along the way to take down his enemies, be it bandits, mutants or a mysterious force called The Authority. 

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