Command and Conquer Veterans Petroglyph Reveals Conan Unconquered RTS Game

Command and Conquer Veterans Petroglyph Reveals Conan Unconquered RTS Game

Command and Conquer Veterans Petroglyph Reveals Conan Unconquered RTS Game 

Petroglyph has announced that they are creating Conan Unconquered, a new RTS game that’s based within the Conan the Barbarian universe, offering players both single-player and multiplayer co-op modes. 

In Conan Unconquered, players must hold back the savage hordes that attempt to destroy your stronghold. Inside this game, players must recruit and control a growing army which must keep pace with growing enemy numbers, be it in the form of barbarians, elite infantry siege equipment monstrously large scorpions, demons or necromantic. The only job that players have is to survive. 

As the game progresses, players must build new structures, gather resources and research new technologies to create more advanced defences and unit. In time enemy waves will get stronger and stronger until players are destroyed, though the help of legendary heroes, such as Conan himself, and the avatar of the Gods may be enough to turn the tide of any battle. 

Conan Unconquered will release in Q2 2019, and so far Petroglyph and Funcom have not released the game’s pricing, PC system requirements or its final release date. The trailer below will give PC gamers a glimpse of what to expect from Conan Unconquered. 


    Conan Unconquered is a strategy game set in the barbaric world of Conan the Barbarian where you must build your stronghold and assemble an unconquerable army to survive the savage hordes of Hyboria. Wave after wave of increasingly more difficult enemies will rush at your gates and you will need to manage resources, research new technologies to advance your defenses, and recruit an ever-growing army if you are to save survive utter destruction.

You can choose to play the game entirely alone in single-player, but Conan Unconquered can also be enjoyed in full two-player co-op allowing for a truly unique, shared multiplayer experience. Players share a base, but both can freely construct new buildings and amass an army to reach their common goal.

Similar to games such as They Are Billions, the enemy hordes will keep coming at you and how long you can resist the invasion depends entirely on your ability to build your stronghold and lead your army. Gameplay is real-time, but you can also pause at any time to issue commands and start construction of new buildings. Battles will be bloody and savage with players having to deal with anything from fires raging through their stronghold to piles of corpses spreading death and disease.

The savage horde is at your gates. Will you fall or will you remain unconquered?

Given the game’s Q2 2019 release timeframe, we can expect Conan Unconquered to release sometime between April and June. Conan Unconquered is currently listed on Steam. 

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