Creative Assembly reveals Total War: Warhammer II’s The Hunter and the Beast DLC

Creative Assembly reveals Total War: Warhammer II's The Hunter and the Beast DLC

Creative Assembly reveals Total War: Warhammer II’s The Hunter and the Beast DLC

The developers over at Creative Assembly are preparing to give both the Empire and the Lizardmen major content updates in Total War: Warhammer 2, both in the form of paid and free DLC content.  

In their latest piece of DLC, The Hunter and the Beast, two Legendary Lords will be added to the game in the form of Markus Wulfhart and Nakai the Wanderer, who will bring to the game unique playstyles, mechanics and units. All owners of Total War: Warhammer will also receive Lord Gor-Rok as a free Legendary Lord, adding a new playable faction to the Lizardmen’s roster. 

These three Legendary Lords will be playable within both Total War: Warhammer II’s Mortal Empires and Eye of the Vortex campaigns. Additionally, both of these campaign maps will be updated to reflect the addition of these new factions alongside other changes. 

In Mortal Empires, significant changes have been made to The Empire, granting Belthazar Gelt a new faction called “The Golden Order” and a new starting position in Solland. Additionally, new regions have been added to The Empire, adding new Greenskin and Wood Elves factions to the Drakwald and Wasteland area of The Empire. The Empire is also due to receive new Imperial forts to defend, as well as a new “Elector Counts” political system. This content will be free to all Total War: Warhammer II – Mortal Empires players. 

The first of the two paid-for factions this DLC offers is Markus Wulfhart’s “The Huntmarshal’s Expedition”, which seeks to expand Imperial interests into Lustria. As the game’s campaign progresses, players will work to increase Markus Wulfhart’s influence within the Empire through the faction’s “Emperor’s Mandate” system. This system will dictate the quality of units and buildings that Wulfhart has access to.

Nakai the Wanderer’s “Spirit of the Jungle” faction is unlike any other Lizardmen group. Instead of settling in cities, this faction focuses on Horde gameplay, offering a settlement infrastructure when encamped while also acting as a full-on army. 

The Spirit of the Jungle Faction, like The Huntmarshal’s Expedition, are not focused on the Great Vortex, instead concentrate on their unique faction interests. Nakai’s faction starts with a vassal called the “Defenders of the Great Plan”, who are gifted all cities that he captures. Each city can then be dedicated to a specific Old One, who will grant more rewards to the Spirit of the Jungle faction as more cities are taken. A new faction-specific resource called “Old Ones’ Favour” can also be generated by captures temple cities, which can then be used to purchase rewards. 

Below is Creative Assembly’s cinematic trailer for Total War: Warhammer II’s The Hunter and the Beast DLC.

The Hunter and the Beast is due to release on September 11th alongside new Free-LC (Free DLC) content. This update will bring significant changes to all Lizardmen and Imperial factions, as well as notable changes to the game’s Mortal Empires campaign map. 

Total War: WARHAMMER II’s The Hunter & The Beast DLC is currently available for pre-purchase on Steam for £6.29. After release, this DLC will cost £6.99. 

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