Crytek reveals Crysis Remastered’s Switch resolution and framerate

Crytek reveals Crysis Remastered's Switch resolution and framerate

Crytek reveals Crysis Remastered’s Switch resolution and framerate

Crysis Remastered is due to release on Nintendo’s Switch console tomorrow, bringing with it high-quality textures, SVOGI Global Illumination, gyro aiming, and ‘improved destructible environment and vegetation bending features.’

We already knew that the game would operate at 30FPS on Nintendo’s handheld console and that the console would use a dynamic resolution system. Now, thanks to Crytek’s recent Crysis Remastered ‘First Look’ stream, we know the game’s resolution targets.  

In docked mode, Nintendo’s Switch console will operate at resolutions between 720p and 900p. In handheld mode, the system will operate between 540p and 720p. These targets aren’t bad considering the console’s 1080p docket display output and the handheld’s small 6.2-inch 720p screen. 

Given the relatively low hardware specifications of Nintendo’s Switch console, it is clear that sacrifices had to be made to get Crysis running on Nintendo’s mobile Switch hardware. For starters, the game will not feature high-end graphics features like Crytek’s software-based ray tracing, and the game will also feature FXAA for its anti-aliasing. 

With the Switch being such a weak console compared to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, other current-generation consoles will likely be able to deliver significant graphical upgrades when compared to Nintendo’s platform. This would be especially true on upgraded systems like the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. On top of that, PC will enable even more graphical features, such as Crytek’s software-based ray tracing.  

Based on Crysis Remastered’s “First Look” stream, the game appears to run well on Nintendo’s Switch hardware and deliver stable framerates and high-quality visuals. 

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