Crytek’s Hunt Showdown will receive a Performance Patch this week

Crytek's Hunt Showdown will receive a Performance Patch this week

Crytek’s Hunt Showdown will receive a Performance Patch this week

Hunt Showdown released on Steam Early Access in late February, offering a unique mixture of PVP and PVE as hunters travelled across a 1km x 1km to kill monsters and rival hunters. 

Upon release gamers found Hunt SHowdown to be extremely demanding, especially on CPU hardware, though Crytek did pledge to optimise the title as its development progressed. This week will see the launch of Hunt Showdown’s first performance patch, which focuses on addressing stall/stutters, reducing the game’s memory footprint and adding several new CPU optimisations. 

After this update, players should notice that the game will run smoother and that characters should feel more responsive.  Crytek has reiterated their goal is to continue optimising the game to lower Hunt Showdown’s system requirements over time without reducing the quality of gameplay or removing features.

    If you’ve been following along as Hunt progresses through Early Access, you know we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to optimize, optimize, and optimize some more. Our goal continues to be improving the performance of the game and catering to an increasingly wider range of hardware over time and fix the issues that have been causing problems to the quality of your experience.

The first big step in that direction will be coming next week with the introduction of the test server running with Performance Patch 1, where you will be able to download and test the performance patch before we roll it out to everyone.


During GDC, Crytek released this video (below), which showcases Hunt Showdown and says that CryEngine V has a Vulkan renderer. At this time, Hunt Showdown uses DirectX 11, though the video below suggests that Crytek wants to transition the game over to Vulkan, or at a minimum focus their engine development efforts on the low-level API.

Crytek has not confirmed when their new “Performance Patch” for Hunt Showdown will launch, though it is expected before the end of this week. 

You can join the discussion on Hunt Showdown’s upcoming performance patch on the OC3D Forums.