Cyberpunk 2077’s latest patch delivers Nvidia Reflex and DLSS to the game’s PC version

Cyberpunk 2077's latest patch delivers Nvidia Reflex and DLSS to the game's PC version

DLSS 3 has finally arrived in Cyberpunk 2077 latest PC update

The PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 has today recieved a PC-only update that adds support for both Nvidia Reflex and DLSS 3 Frame Generation support to the game. This update comes with new bug fixes or other changes, making this update that’s only relevant to Nvidia users. 

Nvidia’s DLSS 3 technology adds DLSS Frame Generation to Cyberpunk 2077 in addition to the game’s existing support for DLSS Super Resolution (DLSS 2), with DLSS Frame Generation being an exclusive feature for Nvidia’s RTX 40 series of graphics cards. 

DLSS Frame Generation uses AI to generate intermediate frames between newly rendered and previously rendered frames using motion vectors and other data to deliver accurate results. This allows DLSS Frame Generation to effectively act as a framerate doubler, dramatically increasing Cyberpunk 2077’s framerates, especially when combined with DLSS Super Resolution. 

With DLSS Frame Generation creating frames that are displayed before the newest rendered frame can be shown, DLSS Frame Generation effectively adds latency to games, though this is countered by the fact that Nvidia makes their Latency reducing Nvidia Reflex technology a non-optional part of DLSS 3. As such, DLSS 3 can result in lower input latencies for games that support it, assuming that you aren’t using Nvidia Reflex with DLSS Frame Generation is turned off. Regardless, this factor results in DLSS Frame Generation having not real negative consequences for gamers with compatible hardware.

Cyberpunk 2077's latest patch delivers Nvidia Reflex and DLSS to the game's PC version

Nvidia Reflex can also be utilised by gamers with GTX 900 series and newer graphics cards, allowing almost all Nvidia GPU users to benefit from reduced input latencies.

CD Projekt Red has recommended that PC gamers make sure that Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling is enabled in Windows 10, as this feature is vital if you want DLSS 3 to work correctly. This options is turned on by default in Windows 11.

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