Deleting Facebook will also delete your Oculus purchases

Deactivating/Deleting Facebook will also delete your Oculus purchases

Deleting Facebook will also delete your Oculus purchases

Future Oculus accounts will be linked with Facebook, fully cementing the VR brand under the boot of the social media juggernaut. Now, it has been uncovered that those who deactivate their Facebook accounts will also have their Oculus accounts disabled and that those who delete their Facebook account will also delete their Oculus purchases. 

Facebook accounts are now mandatory for those who use Oculus’ Quest 2 headset, a factor which has already caused issues for some consumers. Some Quest 2 users have had their Facebook accounts banned, turning their $300 VR headset into a paperweight until Facebook rectified the problem. This shift has given Facebook the power to deny their users access to their VR headset and games libraries if they do not keep their Facebook accounts in good standing. 

Oculus has also confirmed that all Oculus account holders will need to transition to a Facebook account by 2023, as this will be the year the company will no longer support the Oculus accounts. Once your account is linked with Facebook, the future of your VR content library will also be tied to the platform. 

According to UploadVR, the following message will be presented to Facebook users who try to deactivate or delete their Facebook accounts. 

   Deleting your account is permanent.

When you delete your Facebook account, you won’t be able to retrieve the content or information you’ve shared on Facebook. Your Messenger and all of your messages will also be deleted.

Deleting your Facebook account will also delete your Oculus information. 

This includes your app purchases and achievements. You will no longer be able to return any apps and will lose any existing store credits.

Oculus has been heavily criticized over the forced integration of Facebook into Oculus accounts, tying together services which were previously unlinked and had little reason to be linked. It is arguable that Facebook is breaking antitrust law with this integration, as it is conditioning access to one product by forcing the use of another. 

Oculus’ new Quest 2 VR headset is currently selling at a faster rate than expected, selling much faster than the company’s original standalone VR headset. The Oculus Quest 2 is the first headset to require the use of a Facebook account, forcing users to join Facebook’s social media platform. 

You can join the discussion on deleting Facebook deleting your Oculus purchases on the OC3D Forums. 


Deactivating/Deleting Facebook will also delete your Oculus purchases