DOOM Eternal will run at 1,000 FPS with strong enough hardware

DOOM Eternal will run at 1,000 FPS with strong enough hardware

DOOM Eternal will run at 1,000 FPS with strong enough hardware

id Software’s id Tech 7 engine is designed to deliver a generational leap over its predecessor, offering users access to better graphics, new features and increased hardware efficiency. 

DOOM Eternal is designed to scale from Nintendo’s mobile Switch console to ultra-high-end PCs, offering support for higher refresh rates than ever before while also delivering enhanced graphical features for those with capable hardware. 

DOOM’s (2016) id Tech 6 engine was designed to max out at 250FPS, and thanks to improved game optimisation, DOOM Eternal’s id Tech 7 engine can operate at up to 1,000 FPS, making the game ready for future monitors, graphics cards and CPUs. 

With internal builds of DOOM Eternal, id Tech managed to get the game running at 400 FPS, ensuring that users of high-end hardware will be able to get smooth motion on practically any display. 

Today, 240Hz monitors are amongst the best on the market, with higher refresh rate screens being in their infancy. DOOM Eternal is ready for PC gaming’s future display standards and future generations of CPU and GPU hardware, and that is a great thing for PC gamers.

id Tech wants DOOM Eternal players to see a performance benefit from every hardware upgrade, stating that their engine is built with PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and next-generation PC hardware in mind. This likely means that DOOM Eternal will receive Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 upgrades when those systems launch in late 2020. 

DOOM Eternal is due to release on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Stadia on March 20th. The game will release on Nintendo Switch at a later date. 

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