Dying Light 2 aiming for 60FPS on all platforms

Dying Light 2 aiming for 60FPS on all platforms

Dying Light 2 aiming for 60FPS on all platforms

Techland’s Dying Light 2 is easily one of the highlights of E3 2018, showcasing smooth performance, spectacular visuals and an improved story thanks to the influence of Chris Avellone.   

While Dying Light 2’s scope already promises to be larger than the original, the studio is also set to deliver significant performance improvements, with the studio targeting 60FPS on all platforms. 

Techland has moved from their in-house Chrome engine to the studio’s new C-Engine, hoping to provide players with enhanced visuals and improved fluidity of movement. This new engine is expected to get more out of today’s console hardware and modern gaming PCs, though the studio has stated that “60FPS is more important to us than 4K“. 

Sadly, Techland has not been able to fully commit to a framerate on console platforms, which means that the title could still release as a 30FPS game like the original. Things can change before launch, especially when the game has a year of development time left. 

In an interview with Digital Foundry, Techland confirmed that they are targeting 60FPS, though it is worth noting that the original Dying Light was also discussed as a 60FPS title before launch.


     What we are aiming for is to have 60FPS, because the fluidity of movement is the most important thing in Dying Light, it is the thing that really adds to the immersiveness  of our parkour. 


A console performance target of 60FPS is an excellent thing for PC gamers, as it means that modern gaming systems should be able to target higher framerates and resolutions with relative ease. Today’s base consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One are relatively weak when compared to today’s mid-range PCs, which should allow the game to run incredibly smoothly on the PC platform. 

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