Dying Light 2’s latest update delivers Steam Deck verification

Dying Light 2's latest update delivers Steam Deck verification

Dying Light 2 is now Steam Deck verified

With the arrival of the game’s March 2023 update, Dying Light 2 has officially become Steam Deck Verified, with Valve validating the game as fully functional on their handheld PC gaming device. 

Previously, Dying Light 2 was labelled as “Playable” on Steam Deck, with Valve citing issues like difficult to read text, poor performance using the game’s default graphical settings, and other issues that prevented the game from achieving full Verified status. Now thanks to the game’s latest update, the game;’s text has been made more readable on Steam Deck’s 1280×800 screen and the game’s default settings now “performs well on Steam Deck”. 

Thanks to updates to Proton, Valve’s Windows to Linux compatibility layer, new driver updates and changes to Dying Light 2 itself, Steam Deck users can now enjoy a greatly improved gaming experience when playing Dying Light 2 on Valve’s PC gaming handheld. On top of that, the game’s March update now fixes several crashing issues that affected PC gamers.

Dying Light 2's latest update delivers Steam Deck verification

Dying Light 2 is a demanding PC game, making the fact that the game is now Steam Deck verified a big deal for Valve’s PC gaming portable. Developers are targeting Valve’s Steam Deck hardware with their newest PC games, and that is great news for all PC gamers, as targeting Steam Deck should mean that games will run better on higher-end desktop PCs and gaming laptops. If games can run on Steam Deck, running those same games on larger desktop systems should be a breeze. 

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