EA releases 20 minutes of Anthem Gameplay

EA releases 20 minutes of Anthem Gameplay

EA releases 20 minutes of Anthem Gameplay

Electronic Arts and Bioware have released 20 minutes of footage of Anthem, narrated by the game’s lead producer, Ben Irving, to explain many of Anthem’s gameplay features and the game’s lore.  

In Anthem, players will play as Freelancers, exosuit wearing explorers who travel across uncharted worlds to protect humanity, either by dealing with threats, gathering resources or compleating missions either alone or in co-op. These exosuits are called Javelins, each of which is customisable. Players can choose between four different exosuit types, though each of these suit types is also changeable before and after missions, allowing players to vary their playstyles.  

Like Destiny, Anthem will act as a “live service” style of game, though EA has committed to having no “loot boxes” or “pay-for-power” microtransactions, something which seems to be a response to the recent criticisms and controversies surrounding Star Wars Battlefront. Anthem will include cosmetic microtransactions.

The gameplay below comes from EA’s E3 demo for Anthem, where a team of three, later 4, Freelancers complete the game’s “Scars & Villainy” mission, showcasing the game’s world traveller mechanics, teamwork between varying types of Javelin Exosuits/loadouts and combat against a selection of different enemy types.  


     Lead Producer Ben Irving takes us through a 20-minute Anthem gameplay demonstration, originally shown at the E3 hands-on showcase. Discover more about the traversal, combat, and teamwork on display as a team of four Freelancers complete the mission “Scars & Villainy.”



Bioware plans to leverage their storytelling prowess, reassuring fans that they have followed an “Our world, my story” approach to Anthem. This element has been a weakness for Bungie’s Destiny series, though it remains to be seen how well Bioware has accomplished this goal. 

Anthem will release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on February 22nd, with EA Origin Access Premier subscribers gaining access to the title on February 15th, gaining full access to the game a week before its official release.

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