EA reveals Command and Conquer Remastered’s FMV efforts

EA reveals Command and Conquer Remastered's FMV efforts

EA reveals Command and Conquer Remastered’s FMV efforts

EA’s Jim Vassella has given us another update on the progress of Command and Conquer Remastered, showcasing the game’s approach to FMV cinematics and what the game’s FMV sequences should look like in the final product. 

The video below highlights EA’s use of AI to enhance the cinematics of Westwood’s original Command and Conquer games. Jim Vessella has also given Command and Conquer fans a look at how the footage for EA’s upcoming remasters was sourced and how the highest quality footage possible was selected for their custom AI enhancements.  

Right now, EA’s Command and Conquer Remasters have no firm release date, though they are set to release with all of the expansion content of each game and feature no microtransactions. The games will also continue to use 2D visuals, allowing these remasters to capture the same look and feel as their original incarnations. 

Those who want to see EA’s gameplay teaser for their planned Command and Conquer Remaster should head over to our article on that topic here. 

    Fellow Command & Conquer fans,

Ever since we announced the project in late 2018, one of the biggest questions has been how we’re going to approach the FMV cinematics. Today we are finally ready to describe this approach, but there’s actually quite a story to tell about our FMV journey over the past year. So this time, instead of a written post, I’ve put together the above video to tell this story and provide all the intricate details. And in addition to the FMVs specifically, be sure to watch the entire video to learn about an exciting new feature coming to the Remaster.

This post is then kicking off a special week for the Command & Conquer Remaster. As mentioned in the video, be sure to refresh the subreddit here on Monday for another Remaster announcement, and we’re looking forward to engaging with the entire C&C community over the next week.


Jim Vessella

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