EA showcases next-generation Hair rendering within Frostbite

EA showcases next-generation Hair rendering within Frostbite

EA showcases next-generation Hair rendering within Frostbite

Developers need robust software to AAA quality experience, capable engines that act as the driving force behind the latest and greatest gaming projects. For EA, their main engine of choice is Frostbite, and for the next-generation of consoles, EA plans to leverage their engine’s capabilities in new ways, offering effects that haven’t been included in any games thus far. 

EA have now showcased the new hair rendering and simulation capabilities of Frostbite, showcasing impressive physics simulations, colouring and adjustability. Yes, the TressFX and PureHair technology from the modern Tomb Raider series are impressive, but EA has taken things to a new level, complete with realistic hair colour options, even for neon dyed hair. 

The video below showcases how EA’s new hair rendering technology interacts with lighting, moving objects and more, that said, it is unlikely that this new feature will be utilised in any current-generation games. 

With the PlayStation 5 (currently known as Next-Generation PlayStation) and Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox on the way, EA and other engine makers need to prepare themselves for the improved hardware and heightened graphical expectations that new hardware brings. Right now, EA uses Frostbite to create first-person shooters like Battlefield V and Battlefront II, racing titles such as Need for Speed and RPGs like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, giving the publisher plenty of opportunities to utilise their new hair tech moving forward. 

While EA’s Frostbite engine has gotten a lot of flack over the years, having often been blamed for development bottlenecks in Mass Effect Andromeda and more recently Bioware’s Anthem, it is undeniable that the engine is capable of some impressive graphical feats. Hopefully, EA will push Frostbite’s development to make the engine more versatile and easy to develop for; or enable more teams to utilise 3rd party engines, like Unreal Engine 4, when appropriate. 

Two of EA’s latest projects are not using their in-house Frostbite engine, with Apex Legends utilising a modified version of Valve’s Source engine while Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 engine. 

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