Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey expansion has been delayed

Elite Dangerous' Odyssey expansion has been delayed

Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey expansion has been delayed 

As part of the game’s latest development update, Frontier Developments has confirmed that Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey expansion has been delayed on both PC and consoles, pushing back the PC release to late spring 2021 and the console release to Autumn 2021. 

The main reason behind this delay has been the ongoing impact of coronavirus on the game’s development, with England’s renewed national lockdown placing additional pressure on Frontier’s staff and the company’s development timeline. To counter this, Frontier has pushed back the release of Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey expansion, as this will give the studio more time to finish their work under these unfavourable conditions. 

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s Alpha will be released in Arly Spring 2021, coming to Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Deluxe Alpha and Lifetime Expansion Pass owners on PC. This alpha period will allow Frontier to receive and act on community feedback, acting as a user testing ground before the game launches. 

Below is a statement from Frontier Developments. 

    Greetings Commanders,

We wanted to share an update with you regarding the ongoing development of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.

2020 was a difficult year for many, but in spite of those challenges we are pleased with our progress towards what is a truly ambitious new era for the game. We’ve been delighted with the excitement and positive response to our development diaries, interviews, streams and trailers and want to thank all of you for your continued support.

The ongoing impact of the pandemic however, including the renewed lockdowns in 2021, continues to put added pressure on our teams and ultimately our development timeline. We have therefore had to make the difficult decision to make some adjustments and changes to our existing development roadmap.

Our PC plans have only been affected by a small amount, however our plans for the console release will unfortunately see a larger development shift. Please do know that these difficult decisions have been made with a focus on making Odyssey as incredible as it can possibly be for all our Commanders regardless of their platform, while also respecting realistic project deadlines for our teams during this difficult global situation.

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