Enderal, the Skyrim total conversion mod, is getting a standalone Steam release

Enderal, the Skyrim total conversion mod, is getting a standalone Steam release

Enderal, the Skyrim total conversion mod, is getting a standalone Steam release

It has been a long time since we talked about Enderal, what is perhaps the most impressive total conversion mod for Skyrim to date. While the mod was originally released in 2016, it now looks like Enderal is coming to Steam as a free, standalone application for owners of Skyrim. 

Enderal: The Shards of Order and its expansion, Forgotten Stories, offer a combined 50 hours of content, a number that only gets larger if players take their time when exploring the game’s unique world. The mod also contains voice acting for all dialogue, which is available in both English and German, making the game just as immersive as Skyrim itself. Some PC gamers will know SureAI for their work on the popular Oblivion mod “Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge”. 

SureAI, the developers of the mod, plan to release Enderal on Steam later this year, with the Steam version allowing Enderal instals to act independently of Skyrim, allowing both games to be played without one game, and its save files, from interfering with the other. 

Enderal is a Total Conversion mod, creating a new world for gamers to explore, complete with unique quests, an overhauled skill system and several features that Skyrim lacks, including perks for wearing full armour sets. 

Enderal does more than merely add a few new quest lines or add a new playable area to Skyrim. Everything in Enderal was designed from the ground up, creating a completely new gaming experience for Skyrim veterans. 

In Enderal, Mankind must overcome an apocalyptic event known only as “The Cleansing”, something that has already taken out humanity’s predecessors, precursor races that tried and failed to overcome the will of the “High Ones”, who are set to start “The Cleansing”. 

Below is a list of many of Enderal’s features. The base game is expected to take around 30 hours to complete, with its expansion, Forgotten Stories, adding 20 hours of extra story content. 


– An open world with its own lore and hand-crafted, detailed and diverse landscapes (desert, heathlands, forests, jungles, mountains and more)
– An unconventional story with psychological and philosophical undercurrents
– German and English localisations, both fully voiced by dozens of speakers, many with a professional background
– Multi-faceted, believable characters with own ambitions and motivations
– Overhauled gameplay with experience points, survival mechanics and hard, challenging combat
– An overhauled skill system with classes and new special abilities
– A housing system allowing the player to design their own homes
– 30 to 100 hours of expected playtime

Enderal has no firm release date on Steam. SureAI plans to release their mod on Steam sometime in 2018. It is unknown whether or not Enderal will feature any new content or features when it releases on Steam. 

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