Everything you need to know about Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Bioware reveals Mass Effect Legendary Edition's first trailer and the game's release date

Everything you need to know about Mass Effect Legendary Edition

EA has just released a lot of information about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, revealing the platforms that it will release on, everything that Bioware has updated within the game and how well the game will run on last-generation consoles. 

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will release on PC (via Steam and Origin), Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 14th. While Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be compatible with next-generation gaming systems, it will not have an upgraded next-generation version. 

On all platforms, Mass Effect Legendary Edition will launch with over 40 DLCs, including all expansions and promotional content from Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, aside from Mass Effect 1’s Pinnacle Station DLC. Each game will be remastered with 4K assets, making the series ready for the 4K Ultra HD era. 

Mass Effect 1’s Pinnacle Station DLC source code was developed by a 3rd party studio, and when Bioware contacted that studio for the DLC’s source code, it was discovered that that code was corrupted. Recreating Pinnacle Station from scratch is not feasible for Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s development team, which means that the DLC will be missing from the experience. 

Graphics Overhaul

Mass Effects 1, 2 and 3 will be receiving major graphical overhauls with the release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition game collection. Each game will receive enhanced models, improved shaders, modernised FX, depth of field, and reworked lighting.

On Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, Mass Effect Legendary Edition will also run at 60 FPS framerates, with all console versions of the game featuring graphics mode options which include “Favor Quality”, which offers higher resolution gameplay and “Favor Performance”, which focuses on maintaining higher framerates. The game will also feature a VSync mode and an Uncapped framerate mode, giving console gamers more options. 

Mass Effect 1 will receive a larger graphical overhaul, with the game receiving a full world pass to deliver visuals which are more like the game’s successors. PC gamers will benefit from Mass Effect’s adoption of DirectX 11 and features like improved controller support. 

Audio-wise, the Mass Effect series can now benefit from full-resolution audio, which should allow the game’s music and dialogue to sound better than ever. 

Mass Effect 1 Remastered
Mass Effect 1 has received a larger overhaul than Mass Effects 2 and 3. Several gameplay systems have been reworked to make the game play better, especially within combat. Mass Effect 1 will now have improved aiming and weapon balance, which should allow the game’s combat to be more fun for newcomers to the series. EA has also worked to improve the controls of the game’s Mako vehicle, squad tactics cover interaction and game’s camera system. 

Mass Effect 1’s work has received the largest graphical overhaul, altering the game’s artwork and lighting to make the game look more like its sequels. This move will help improve the visual consistency of the collection. 

Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer Mode is Gone

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is all about singleplayer content, and that is where Bioware’s focus lies. As such, Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer has been cut from Mass Effect Legendary Edition, as Bioware felt there their time and effort were better spent uplifting Mass Effect 1’s visuals and gameplay. 

PC and next-generation upgrades

On PC and next-generation hardware, Mass Effect will support an unlocked framerate, which will enable 60+ FPS framerates on PC and potentially enable the same feature on next-generation gaming systems. This is great news for owners of variable refresh rate displays and will allow gamers to experience Mass Effect with smoother framerates than ever before. 

EA has advertised the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X with support for 60 FPS gameplay while stating that gamers will have an “uncapped FPS on PC and next generation consoles”. This could mean that the PS5 and Xbox Series players may be able to access higher framerate targets, which would be great news for those with 4K 120Hz VRR monitors.  

PC gamers will also benefit from PC-specific UI improvements and support for ultrawide 21:9 resolutions. 

Other enhancements

Mass Effect legendary Edition will add more options for character customisation to the series, bringing Mass Effect 3’s FemShep to the entire trilogy (for improved consistency) as well as new “and improved” hair choices. The entire trilogy will now uses a unified character creator, with all customisation options being available within the entire trilogy. Commander Shephard will no longer have his/her face changed between games. 

Everything you need to know about Mass Effect Legendary Edition  
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