F1 2019’s DLSS support was “released prematurely” – Explains graphical issues

F1 2019 - Nvidia DLSS VS AMD FidelityFX

F1 2019’s DLSS support was “released prematurely” – Explains graphical issues

When we released our FidelityFX and DLSS analysis of F1 2019, something didn’t seem right. DLSS wasn’t working correctly, leading us to call it the worst implementation of the feature that we have ever seen. Thankfully, things are set to get a lot better for Nvidia RTX/DLSS users. 

After we published our analysis, Codemasters contacted us and gave us the following statement, confirming that DLSS shouldn’t have shipped with F1 2019’s patch 1.07. Furthermore, improved support for DLSS will arrive in F1 2019 in a future patch. 


DLSS in F1 2019 was released prematurely with the wrong code. It has since been removed, with the correct implementation coming in an updated patch.


Codemasters has pulled its current implementation of DLSS from F1 2019, and at this time the company hasn’t released an ETA for the feature’s return to the game. 

DLSS support has been removed from F1 2019’s official patch notes, with Codemasters releasing the following update publically. 


Just a quick update on yesterday’s correction to our patch notes for 1.07. We inadvertently released a partially completed integration of Nvidia’s DLSS technology in patch 1.07 which was not supposed to be enabled until a later patch. We are currently working towards enabling this in a completed state for an upcoming patch. Thanks to Nvidia for helping us in tracking down this issue.

We are continuing to track down and fix more bugs and we’ll have more information about any further patches soon – if you notice anything about these notes that aren’t right, or you think don’t work as they should, please let us know in our discussion threads here on Steam.


Below is a look at how DLSS affected F1 2019’s visuals at 4K. The slider below compares a screenshot at 4K Ultra Settings with the game’s TAA option enabled, and a screenshot which is taken with DLSS enabled at the same settings.  


After Codemasters contacted us, we updated our FidelityFX/DLSS analysis of F1 2019 to inform future readers that our DLSS testing was conducted on a prematurely released implementation of DLSS. We also plan to retest F1 2019 with DLSS enabled when the feature returns to the game in a completed state.  

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