Fallout London’s release date has been delayed to avoid Starfield

Fallout London's release date has been delayed to avoid Starfield

Fallout London is due to launch in Q4 2023

Fallout London is launching this year, a fan-made mode for Fallout 4 that brings gamers to Blighty to have a look at how the UK fared following the Fallout universe’s nuclear apocalypse.

Fallout London is mod that features its own campaign, its own storyline and a British twist on the world of Fallout. The mod features unique weapons, unique factions, its own music, and its own game map. This isn’t Fallout 4 with a few Union Jacks hanging around, this is its own game, and it is shaping up nicely.

Fallout London's release date has been delayed to avoid Starfield

Originally, Fallout London was due to release in Q3 2023, and the mod developers have confirmed that they are pushing their mod’s release back so that Fallout London does not clash with the launch of Starfield, the latest game from Bethesda Softworks, the studio behind the Fallout series.

Now, Fallout London is due to release sometime in Q4 2023, arriving as a holiday treat for Fallout fans. This additional development time will give the Fallout London team more time to playtest their game and more time to polish their project.

Fallout: London is a DLC-sized mod for Bethesda’s Fallout 4. As a continuation of the base game, the mod will allow the player to visit the previously unexplored post-apocalyptic environment of London,

As a divergence from previous official titles in the series, Fallout: London is not set in America. Visiting a totally new setting allows for us to explore totally new cultures which have not homogenized with their American counterparts. It also allows us to explore pre-war European history, and the effects the Resource Wars had on the class structured society of pre-war Britain

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