Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is coming to PC through Steam

Square Enix is bringing their mobile hit, Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis to Steam

Square Enix has confirmed that a PC version of their mobile gacha game, Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, is in development. The game will be coming to PC through Steam and will feature cross-play support with the game’s existing mobile versions.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis launched on iOS and Android on September 7th. The game retells key events within the Final Fantasy 7 universe and features its own unique storyline. This original story focuses on Sephiroph’s past, and is based on the “The First Soldier”. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier  was a free-to-play mobile battle-royale game that was shut down in January 2023.

Below is Square Enix’s statement confirming the planned Steam/PC version of Final Fantasy: Ever Crisis. This statement comes to us via DSO Gaming.

We are actively developing the Steam version so that you can enjoy Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis on PC. You will also be able to share the data you play on the mobile version with the Steam version.

PC gamers are already able to play Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis though Android emulation. That said, the release of a native PC version of the game will make the title a lot more accessible to gamers on the platform.

Heavy Monetisation

While increased access to this new Final Fantasy game is a good thing, the “gacha” status of this game means that gamers can expect heavy monetisation. Reviews for Ever Crisis claim that Square Enix is especially heavy-handed with microtransactions in this game.

In Ever Crisis, players are expected to grind for items and enhancements or pay for them. Stamina, which is required for missions, can also run out and requires either time to refill or payment for a refill. This game will either cost players a lot of time, or a lot of money. This is hugely disappointing for story-focused Final Fantasy fans, who don’t want to grind or pay though the noise for their latest fix of FFVII.

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