Gearbox Tease Borderlands Reveal with “Mask of Meyhem” Teaser

Gearbox Tease Borderlands Three Reveal with

Gearbox Tease Borderlands Reveal with “Mask of Meyhem” Trailer

Gearbox Entertainment plans to reveal a new Borderlands game tomorrow at PAX East, bringing the series fully into the current console generation with a new entry to the series. 

At this time many assume that this new game will be the long-awaited “Borderlands 3”, though this has not been confirmed. Regardless, Gearbox calling their teaser “Borderlands Teaser – Mask of Mayhem” confirms that tomorrow’s reveal will be for a Borderlands game. 

Tomorrow at 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT (6 PM UK time), Gearbox will reveal their new game on the official Borderlands website, where the company will be streaming their Pax East reveal. During this stream, we are likely to see gameplay for Gearbox’s newest Borderlands series game, which will allow us to see how the series’ iconic cell shaded look translates to modern console platforms. 

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