Ghostrunner is currently available for free on PC through the Epic Games Store

Expect a new free game every day until January 4th from Epic

Epic Games “Mystery Game” promotion has entered its 12th day. Today, Ghostrunner is the Epic Games Store’s latest free game. This First-Person Slasher will be available for free for the next 24 hours, after which a new game will be given away on the storefront.

Ghostrunner is a game that features fast-paced combat within a cyberpunk world. Players control Jack, a technologically enhanced superhuman. After a world-ending cataclysm, humanity resides inside Dharma Tower. Players must use their abilities to move from the bottom of the tower to the top. Players can slow down time, deflect bullets, and more. That said, this game is one-hit one-kill. That means that both players and enemies die after a single blow. In essence, this is a first-person Hotline Miami style game where players control a cybernetically enhanced ninja.

Gamers with high-end hardware should know that Ghostrunner’s PC version features extensive ray tracing support. This game supports ray traced Reflections, Shadows, and Ambient Occlusion on PC. If you want the game to run as fast as possible on your system, you should probably disable this game’s ray traced features.

Ghostrunner will be available for free until 4PM GMT on January 1st. After this, a new game will be available for free on the Epic Games Store.

Tomorrow, Epic Games plans to make a new “Mystery Game” available for free on their storefront. At this time we can only guess at what this game will be.

PC gamers can redeem their free copy of Ghostrunner on the Epic Games Store.

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