God of War’s latest webpage update fuels PC release rumours

God of War's latest webpage update fuels PC release rumours

God of War’s latest webpage update fuels PC release rumours

Rumour has it that PlayStation 4’s God of War is coming to PC, following the footsteps of Horizon: Zero Dawn and other former PlayStation exclusives like Death Stranding, Detroit: Become Human and Tetris Effect. 

What spawned these rumours? Changes to God of War’s listing on Sony’s official PlayStation website, which no longer lists the game as “Only on PlayStation”. Older listings of the game featured this label, suggesting that God of War will soon be available on a non-PlayStation platform. 

This rumour was spawned by DualShockers, who claims that “God of War could next be joining HZD (Horizon: Zero Dawn) on PC”, though this change isn’t indicative of much. 

Removing the term “Only on PlayStation” is far from a confirmation that God of War will be released on PC. Even so, this label was removed from games like Detroit: Become Human and Death Stranding before their official PC reveals, that said, GameSpot has noted that this label has been removed and re-added to God of War’s webpage before. 

While Sony has started releasing some of its first-party IP on PC, Sony’s Herman Hulst has confirmed that one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game now will come to PC.” Combine this with Sony’s inconsistent use of the term “only on PlayStation” on its webpages, and we have more than enough room to doubt God of War’s PC release rumours. 

While we would love to see God of War release on PC, there is no clear evidence that the game has any PC release plans. God of War’s webpage on Sony’s website has received a major overhaul, and it’s easy to see the term “only on PlayStation” get removed without any real reasoning. 

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