God of War’s Steam version has been discovered on Nvidia’s Geforce Now database

God of War's Steam version has been discovered on Nvidia's Geforce Now database

Nvidia Geforce Now leak suggests that God of War’s coming to PC through Steam

Sony’s 2018 PlayStation exclusive God of War has been spotted on Nvidia’s Geforce Now database by a leaker called Ighor July, suggesting that the game is coming to Steam sometime in the near-term future. 

Ighor discovered a wide variety of games and software packages that are playable on Nvidia’s Geforce Now service despite the fact that they are not officially available to consumers. These may be yet-to-be-released gaming titles for the cloud PC gaming platform, but many of the applications within are professional in nature, suggesting that Nvidia are testing cloud workstation functionality within their Geforce Now servers. 

According to the leaker, the Geforce Now client has entries for Sony’s God of War, with the screenshot below suggesting that the game is coming to Steam. Sony has not officially revealed that 2018’s God of War is coming to PC, though the company has recently revealed that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted@ Lost Legacy are coming to PC through the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection in 2022. 


     After that I saw some games such as God of War which couldn’t be added to the GeForce NOW even theoretically.

This game is the PlayStation exclusive and most likely not coming to other platforms any time soon. But why it’s here then? It says the game is located in the Steam store, but it’s nowhere found in Steam. Maybe it’s the leak of the game release which is coming soon? 

God of War's Steam version has been discovered on Nvidia's Geforce Now database  
Within Geforce Now, references to programs like 3D Max, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office and more were allegedly spotted. The Dolphin emulator was also found alongside an “Nvidia Confidential” version of New Super Mario Bros, a Wii exclusive. Why are Nintendo games there? 

Ighor July’s leaks are strange, so much so that his findings are questionable at best. That said, Ighor has alleged that he reported his findings to Nvidia four months ago and was then ignored by the company. Evidence for this claim is this Geforce Now Forum post, where Nvidia representatives directed Ighor to their driver feedback department. 

God of War's Steam version has been discovered on Nvidia's Geforce Now database  
More questions than answers

This Geforce Now leak is a confusing one, as it leaves us with more questions than answers. Why does Nvidia have workstation software on its Geforce Now servers, why is an emulator present, and why does Nvidia know about God of War’s alleged Steam version? While Sony has confirmed that more PlayStation games are coming to PC, it is hard to believe that Sony will have worked with Nvidia to bring the service to Geforce Now, at least this early on. 

Whether or not there is any legitimacy to this leak remains to be seen, though it highlights many potential avenues for Nvidia’s game streaming service. Is Nintendo working with Nvidia to offer gamers a Nintendo game streaming service? Does Nvidia have a workstation equivalent of Geforce Now in the works? All that remains to be seen. 

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