Google launches their Bard AI Chatbot in the US and UK

Google launches their Bard AI Chatbot in the US and UK

Google’s “Experimental” Bard AI Chatbot has stated rolling out to users in the US and UK

Google’s Bard AI chatbot has officially launched in the US and UK, with Google users being able to join the waitlist to start using the company’s new Bing/ChatGPT competitor. 

Currently, Google’s Bard service is considered “Experimental”, which means that the chatbot could exhibit some issues for early users. That said, Google are excited to users to start using their AI to boost their creativity and accelerate their ideas. That said, given the “Experimental” status of this AI chatbot, it is probable that this bot could deliver inaccurate results or share false information, despite the fact that the bot is said to namecheck and source its faces. 

Google’s Bard AI Chatbot can answer questions, take part in conversations and help users brainstorm ideas with just a few prompts. Do you need a list of items that you would need for a fishing trip? Bard could help with that! Want some high protein vegan food options? Bard could find them. With Bard, Google wants to deliver users something that is more powerful than their standard Google search function, and prevent Microsoft from gaining market share with Bing’s new AI functions. 

When asked about Bard’s ability to be used by children to complete their homework, Google has stated that access to Bard is restricted to over 18s. Google has also stated that they will be working to ensure that their Bard AI adheres to Google’s “AI Principles”, which are designed to prevent the AI from creating or reinforcing biases. 

Google launches their Bard AI Chatbot in the US and UK

If you want to use Google’s Bard AI chatbot today, you can’t. Currently there is a waitlist to use the chatbot, and there is no guarantee when you will be able to use Google’s AI chatbot. Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot has a similar waiting list, and it can take days or weeks to gain access to Microsoft’s ChatGPT based AI chatbot.

Google users can join the waiting list for Google’s experimental Bard AI chatbot here.

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