Half-Life for $0.98 from Steam

Grab a bargain, thanks to Steam
Half Life was created by Valve Software a decade ago, and to celebrate it’s 10th birthday, Steam are offering it for sale at the must have price of just $0.98. The game received critical accliam upon release, winning many ‘Game of the Year’ awards from review publications. Sales of the game since it’s release have topped over 20 million. Following on from it’s success was HL2, and a handful of uber successful community Mods, like Team Fortress and Counter-Strike. According to Gamespy, it is also the most played online game ever. Half Life can safely be called a classic.
Half Life for less than a dollar
The special offer from Steam is time limited, and you have until tomorrow, 12.01pm (PST) to grab this bargain. If you have never played the original Half Life or any of it’s siblings, now is the perfect opportunity to give it a go. The game is a first person shooter and you will find yourself playing the part of Dr. Gordon Freeman a recent graduate theoretical physicist who must fight his way out of a secret underground research facility.
You can get your copy of Half-Life for just $0.98 right here. As mentioned, you will have to be quick, as the deal ends at 12.01pm (PST) tomorrow. You can discuss this in our forums here.