Helldivers 2 is a smash hit on Steam with over 333,000 concurrent players

Helldivers 2 has now surpassed Destiny 2’s concurrent player peak on Steam

Sony’s Helldivers 2 has proven the be a major hit on both PlayStation 5 and Steam, the game surpassing 300,000 concurrent players earlier today. Now, the game has a peak player count that is higher than Destiny 2 (on Steam), with over a third of a million concurrent players.

Helldivers 2 is a fast-paced third-person squad-based shooter. Thematically, the game is essentially Starship troopers. Players fight against alien bugs to make the galaxy a safer and freer place to be. The game is a great title to play with friends, though we will note here that friendly fire incidents will likely be a common occurrence here.

Helldivers 2 is by far the most popular PlayStation PC game that Sony has released on the platform. Before now, Sony’s God of War was the the company’s largest PlayStation PC launch on Steam. It had reached a peak player count of 73,529 on Steam. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered previously held second place with concurrent player peak of around 64,000 concurrent players. Simply put, Helldivers has smashed these player count numbers.

(Helldivers 2 concurrent player peak – via SteamDB)

Helldivers 2 is now one of Steam’s most played games, and it is likely that the game will reach even higher concurrent players numbers soon. So far, Helldivers 2 has the 28th highest ever concurrent player count on Steam. The game has surpassed Starfield, Skyrim, Destiny 2, and Halo Infinite in terms of peak concurrent players. Not bad for one of Sony’s smaller PlayStation PC titles.

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