Here’s when Death Stranding will unlock on PC

Here's when Death Stranding will unlock on PC

Here’s when Death Stranding will unlock on PC

The PC version of Death Stranding will release tomorrow, bringing the game to Steam and the Epic Games Store. At launch, the game will support Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 technology, as well as support for variable refresh rates and 60 FPS framerates. These changes will mark a huge improvement over the game’s PlayStation 4 counterpart.  

Given the popularity of this game, many PC users are excited to get stuck into Sam Porter Bridges’ adventure as soon as it becomes available. Unfortunately, we have noticed that some large PC gaming websites, including PC Gamer,  are listing incorrect release times for Death Stranging’s PC release, speculating that the game will release at the same times as the game’s PlayStation 4 versions. This is incorrect, and 505 Games have already released accurate release times. 

For starters, Death Stranding’s PC version is being published by 505 Games, not Sony, making re-use of the game’s PlayStation 4 release timing silly at best. There is no reason for these release timing to be reused. 

Below are the release times of Death Stranding’s PC version on Steam, as provided by 505 Games through Death Stranding’s Steam page. This information predates these recent Death Stranding release time speculation articles. 

US – Pacific Time (PST) – 7 AM July on 14th

UK – BST – 3 PM on July 14th
Japan – JP – 11 PM on July 14th

Death Stranding is currently available to pre-load on PC. 

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