Horizon Zero Dawn is reportedly coming to PC

Horizon Zero Dawn is reportedly coming to PC

Horizon: Zero Dawn is reportedly coming to PC

Back in December, the  Russian gaming journalist, Anton Logvinov, predicted that Horizon Zero Dawn would release on PC, news which came after his prior Death Stranding PC release leaks were proven to be correct. 

Now, more sources are claiming that Horizon: Zero Dawn will release onto PC sometime in 2020, with Kotaku’s Jason Schreier revealing that three sources have confirmed that Sony has plans to reveal a PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn.  

Guerilla Games, the developer behind Horizon: Zero Dawn, is a first-party Sony developer, a factor that would typically make PC ports an impossibility. That said, Sony has been making moves to make their games less exclusive, with the PC releases of Death Stranding and future Sony games like Predator Hunting Grounds being evidence of this. 

It is worth noting that Guerrilla Games created the Decima Engine which powers both Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding. This makes a PC release for Horizon Zero Dawn more than possible. If Kojima Productions can do it, so can Guerilla Games. That said, Guerilla Games would need the permission of Sony to release the game on other platforms.

In recent months, more and more former PlayStation exclusive titles have arrived on PC. Journey, Tetris Effect, Heavy Rain, Flower, Beyond: Two Souls, the Yakuza series and Detroit: Become Human are all examples of this. Developers want a broader install base for their games, and Sony could follow suit with its first-party studios.

Technically speaking, there is no reason why Sony’s exclusives couldn’t come to the PC platform. All of these games are developed using PCs, that’s a fact, and you can be confident that each of Sony’s exclusive titles had in-development PC versions at some point in each game’s development cycle. Yes, all of Sony’s first-party games are created with PlayStation in mind; but there is no moving away from PC as a development platform.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC release teased by the insider who rredicted Death Stranding's PC version  
 The PlayStation 4 version of Horizon: Zero Dawn released with a 30FPS framerate lock, giving the game’s PC version an immediate upgrade if the Decima Engine is capable of unlocked framerates. Higher framerates would help Horizon’s animations look smoother and make its controls feel more responsive, factors which the game’s PC version could definitely benefit from. 

Sony’s predator: Hunting Grounds has already been confirmed as an Epic Games Store Exclusive on PC. At this time it is unknown if Horizon: Zero Dawn will follow suit. 

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