How to use Crysis Remastered’s Built-in benchmarking tools

How to use Crysis Remastered's

How to use Crysis Remastered’s Build-In benchmarking tools

Like the game’s original 2007 release, Crysis Remastered features a built-in benchmarking mode, allowing PC gamers to test their hardware across several areas using all of the game’s graphical presets. 

Crysis Remastered’s benchmarking tool is hidden within the game’s installation folder, making the tool inaccessible to those who are unwilling to look for it. Be warned though, as this benchmark was designed for another area, making it a lot less appealing than modern in-game benchmarks visually. 

Crysis Remastered’s Benchmark Tool Location 

To find Crysis Remastered’s benchmarking tool, we navigated to our Epic Games Store installation folder. On our PC this was under our C: drive under Program Files, Epic Games Store, Crysis Remastered.

Within this folder is a sub-folder called Bin64, which contains the EXE for Crysis Remastered as well as the game’s benchmarking tool. Below is an image which shows the contents of Crysis Remastered’s Bin64 folder. 


How to use Crysis Remastered's Build-In benchmarking tools

Crysis Benchmarking

Crysis Remastered’s built-in benchmarking tool is the same as the benchmark included within Crysis’ original 2007 release. The benchmark runs a pre-defined scene across four loops and then generates a results file which will sit within the CrysisRemastered folder under BenchmarkResults. 

This benchmark measures how long it takes your PC to rush through a certain number of frames across a pre-defined pathway. This oddity means that faster PCs will finish Crysis Remastered’s benchmark faster than slower systems. 

This benchmark tool will allow PC gamers to define the graphical settings used by the benchmark, the game’s AA type, the game’s resolution and the map which the benchmark will use.   


How to use Crysis Remastered's Build-In benchmarking tools


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How to use Crysis Remastered's Build-in benchmarking tools