How valuable is Xbox Game Pass? Very!

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass library has been valued at over $6,000 by analysts

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass library has been valued at over $6,000 by analysts

Xbox Game Pass is often called the best deal in gaming, both across PC and Xbox. Now, the value of that deal has been quantified, with The Loadout estimating Xbox Game Pass’ full library is worth $6,317.35 (around £4,780).

This value was calculated using the current base value of all the games available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. These base values use each game’s pricing on the Microsoft Store.

With Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass costing users £7.99 each per month, or £10.99 per month for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it is easy to see why Xbox Game Pass is seen as incredible value by consumers and analysts alike. This is especially true for fans of games like Psychonauts 2, Forza Horizon 5, and Halo Infinite, as all three of these games launch on Game Pass on day-1.

In January 2021, Microsoft confirmed that Xbox Game Pass had over 18 million subscribers. Since then, Microsoft has not reported on its Xbox Game Pass subscriber numbers, though these numbers have likely grown a lot in recent months.

In 2022, Microsoft needs to keep adding value to Xbox Game Pass, both though the release of first party Microsoft titles (which includes Bethesda games) and though dealings with 3rd developers and publishers. Rumour has it that Sony’s planning to launch their own Game Pass-like service, which means that Microsoft may soon need to compete with Sony for subscribers. 

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